Updated October 30, 2019

An (*) notes a non-attorney member.

Akers, Amy - Corporate, Business

Aldrich, Phiang - Family 

Andreadis, Kleon C. - Criminal

Arledge, Roy W. - Estate, Criminal

Avera, Robert - Personal Injury

Baker III, Rex - Civil

Benouis, Catherine - Family

Boling, Anna M. - Estate Planning, Probate, Mediation

Boyer, Bruce (Judge)

Brandon, Sarah - Family

Brown, Elaine - Family, Probate

Brown, Jerome Andrew - Bankruptcy

Brown, Roland - Personal Injury

Brown, Victorea - Criminal, Family, Juvenile

Buford, Robert - Personal Injury, Criminal

Burklund, Hollis - Criminal, Family, Real Estate, Probate, Civil

Burns, John (Judge)

Cable, Andrew (Justice of the Peace)* 

Caine, Robert - Criminal, Family, Probate

Calvano, Corey - Family, Small Business

Cardenas, Elaine* - County Clerk

Clauder, James Martin - Criminal

Cline Jr., Bill - Estate Planning, Probate

Cochran-Green, Jennifer - Adoption

Corbin, Aimee - Assistant District Attorney

Costilla, Nicholas*

Courtney, Scot - Criminal

Culp, Aaron Michael - Family

Cusack, Mark - Business, Family

Daniels, Duane - Criminal, Commercial, Personal Injury

Dietz, Elly Del Prado - Family, Business, Criminal, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Probate

Duchamp, Matt - Commercial, Person Injury

Dudley, Todd - Criminal

Dunham, Frances - Family

Ellis, Ryan - Product Liability, Business, Commercial, Catastrophic Injury, Employment, Personal Injury

Erwin, Amanda Goff - Criminal, Personal Injury

Erwin, Josh - Criminal, Personal Injury

Feldman, Jennifer - Assistant District Attorney

Fry, Richard - Sports Agent, Family, Criminal

Gillham, Fay Cliett - Family, Bankruptcy, Probate

Gillis, Benjamin - Assistant District Attorney

Glickler, David - Criminal, Business, Civil, Probate, Family, etc.

Green, Emmett Ray - Criminal

Haderlein, Barbara 

Hale, William - Criminal

Hall, Jimmy - Administrative

Hall, John - Criminal, Business, Civil, Probate, Family, etc.

Hardaway, David - Criminal

Hays, Karl E. (Judge)

Hennan, John Daniel - Family

Henry, Bill (Judge)

Herlihy, Scott - Family

Hicks, Whitney - Assistant District Attorney

Howe, Leslie M. - Probate

Hyde, Denise - Family

James, Carrie L. - Family, Probate

Janssen, Mark - Criminal

Jarden-Hotler, Brenda - Administrative, Probate, Military

Junkin, David (Judge)

Leake, Erin - Family

Leal, Rafael - Criminal, Family, Juvenile

Lyttle, Daniella - Immigration, Family

Mahoney, Tim - Family, Business, Probate

Maldonado, Matthew - Criminal, Family

Malone, Joe - Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, Business

Martinez, Leonard - Criminal

Matias, Edwin - Criminal

Mau, Wesley (District Attorney)

McCarthy, Michael Christopher - Assistant District Attorney

McFerrin, Colin - Animal Rights, Business, Probate, Personal Injury, Family, Criminal, Real Estate, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Employment

McVaney, Katie - Assistant District Attorney

Mendoza, David - Auto Accidents, Bail Bonds, Civil, Criminal, Expunction, Personal Injury

Miller, Marilyn - Bankruptcy, Elder, Estate Planning and Probate

Minton, David - Family, Civil, Criminal

Moore, Benjamin - Assistant District Attorney

Morgan, Erin Nicole - Assistant District Attorney

Morley, Justin B. - Family

Morris, David H. - Business, Estate Planning, Family, Personal Injury

Morris, Lynne Berry - Criminal

Mynar, Logan - Transportation, Personal Injury, Premises Liability

O'Brien, Daniel - Civil, Real Estate, Business, Probate, Estate, Personal Injury

Obdyke, Louis - Labor Employment

Ortega, Jana - Criminal

Rasco, Larry - Criminal, Family, Probate, Juvenile

Ray, A. Kaylene - Administrative, Business, Environmental, Elder, Non-Profit

Rehmet, Patrick - Business, Family, Real Estate, Probate, Construction, Non-Profit

Roberts-Huckaby, Angie - Assistant District Attorney

Robison, Jack (Judge)

Saltmarsh, Sara - Family, Probate

Seelbach, Karl - Personal Injury, Business, Employment

Scanio, Francesca - Family, Estate Planning, Probate, Criminal, Personal Injury, Mediation

Scanio, Mike- Family, Estate Planning, Probate, Criminal, Personal Injury, Mediation

Smith, Beth (Justice of the Peace)

Smith, Brenda (Judge)

Smith, Kyle Manley - Assistant Criminal District Attorney

Smith, Walt*

Sproles, Janel*

Stacey, Steven - Family, Criminal, Estate Planning, Landlord/Tenant

Steel, Gary (Judge)

Stewart, Tahlia - Criminal, Family

Stroud, Barbara L. - Family, Mediation

Ursha, Richard - Criminal

Vaught, James - Family

Vickers, Ryan - Criminal, Business, Civil, Probate, Family, etc.

Villareal, Denise - Business, Construction

Watts, David - Criminal

Wells, Justin James - Family, Business. Criminal, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Probate

Whitten, Tim - Family

Williams, Melissa M. - Family

Wollam, Erik R. - Commercial, Personal Auto Liability, Premises Liability, Civil

Wollam, Sheila M. - Commercial

Woodward, Valin L. - Family

Wright, Jason - Family

Wright, Walter - Business, Environmental, International, Labor-Employment, Real Estate

Zayed, Ashraf - Animal Rights, Business, Probate, Personal Injury, Family, Criminal, Real Estate, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Employment

Zelhart, Tacie (Judge)

Total: 116