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The Jacks-Garner Scholarship

2021 Jacks-Garner Scholar:


2020 Jacks-Garner Scholar:

Christopher Gearing

2019 Jacks-Garner Scholar:

Cassandra Twining

2018 Jacks-Garner Scholars:

Caleb Cable

Aaron Spencer

Leah McDonald- In memory of Bill Rugeley

2017 Jacks-Garner Scholars:

Mariah Chappel

Mary Katherine Reeves

The Jacks-Garner Scholarship

       The Jacks-Garner Scholarship has been created by the Hays County Bar Association to remember and recognize two outstanding members in our legal community. Terry Jacks served as a District Judge in Hays County for over three decades. Tom Garner practiced as a defense attorney in Hays County for over four decades.

      These individuals greatly contributed to the professionalism of Hays County and brought integrity to the legal field. Their effect on our community is greatly missed, and so it is with this scholarship we promote remembering Judge Terry Jacks and attorney Tom Garner. We hope, as a collective association, that we can carry on the goodness that they brought to this community.

Deadline: April 15, 2022

Instructions and Application

Donations to the Jacks-Garner Scholarship​

If you would like to donate to the Scholarship fund, you can do so through Law Pay. In the "memo" section, please put who the donation is in behalf of or in memory of.

You can also give a check or cash to any member of the Board, and we will get you a receipt.